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The following section contains collected volumes emanating from the conferences and workshops held at the Imre Kertész Kolleg since its inception. Here you will find our most recent publications with Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group) as well as contributions by staff and affiliated researchers to our monograph series ‘Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century’, published by De Gruyter/ Oldenbourg.

Vol. 6 Geschichtskultur im Wandel

Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century, Vol. 6

Juliane Tomann

Geschichtskultur im Strukturwandel

Öffentliche Geschichte in Katowice nach 1989

Munich, De Gruyter/ Oldenbourg Publishing House
ISBN 978-3-11-046374-3
437 pages, 49 images (b/w), hardback

The traditional industrial and mining metropolis of Katowice is being transformed into center of culture and technology. The study discusses this forward-looking transformation, examining how it was reconciled with historical tradition. What kinds of historical narrative arise in times of rapid change? How is historical meaning constructed and what are the functions of official history during times of structural change?