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Saint Volodymyr Monument in Kyiv, 1975

Politics of History

Vladimir versus Volodymyr

Conflicting Russian and Ukrainian Application of Rus’ Heritage

Jeremy Cohen ·

Putin justified his invasion of peaceful Ukraine in February 2022 by questioning the very idea that Ukraine has a national history distinct from Russia. At the core of this claim is the shared history of the Kievan Rus'. The article provides a critical analysis of the uses and abuses of Rus' history by both states and of their strategies to craft that history into a national narrative and weapon in the current war.

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iSignpost showing the direction of the Sebald path near Wertach, Germany

Exhibiting 20th Century History

Sebald's Path in Wertach

Commemorating the Commemorator

Hans Gutbrod ·

How can we remember writer's as both, children of their time and creators of literature that represents collective experiences? The article takes us on a path that is dedicated to the memory of the writer W.G. Sebald and reflects on the multiple and sometimes contingent ways in which landscape and literature put together can create unique narratives of remembrance.

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Ukrainian refugees arriving at Przemyśl main station, the first stop on the Polish side of the border, 27 February 2022

Debating 20th Century History

A History that Connects and Divides

Ukrainian Refugees and Poland in the Face of Russia’s War

Lidia Zessin-Jurek ·

Amidst Russia's war against Ukraine and against the backdrop of an often contentious and politicized shared history, Poland has demonstrated extraordinary solidarity with Ukraine, welcoming and helping thousands of refugees. The article discusses how various Polish memory frames have affected public attitudes towards the Ukrainian refugees and how in turn, the war and the refugees have impacted on collective remembrance in Poland.

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