Dr Srđan Milošević

Curriculum Vitae

2016, Ph.D. in History, University of Belgrade, Department for History
2009, Research Assistant (2009) and Research Associate (2016) at the Institute for Recent History of Serbia
2007, MA in History, University of Belgrade, Department for History
Current projects: Transnational Resistance 1936-1948 (University of Oxford, 2015 - ); L'héritage politique de la zadruga dans l'espace sud-slave (Paris, Sorbonne, 2015 - ); New First World War Memories - 'tectonics of memory' in Europe (University of Copenhagen, 2015 - ); Tradition and Transformation: historical heritage and national identity in Serbia in the 20th Century, Institute for Recent History of Serbia, Belgrade, 2011 - )

Research project at the Kolleg

At the Kolleg I'll be working on the project War Criminals or Martyrs? (History, politics of memory, and law in Serbia and Croatia in previous three decades), which is a part of the broader project on researching the process of various types of the rehabilitation (public, judicial, historiographical etc.) of the persons accused immediately after the WWII by the new regimes, organized by the communists, for the war crimes and collaboration with the occupiers during the war period (1941-945). The project deals with the issues that reflect the present state of the revisionist narratives and practices actualized in the process of renovatio burgensis (transition) that became actual after the destruction/collapse of socialism and abandonment of its' privileged paradigms. Methodological approach in this research combines historiographical and legal research methods, as well as the memory studies methodology, thus revealing different layers of this complex issue and their dynamic permeation.


Main areas of research

  • History of Yugoslavia
  • Historical revisionism
  • Rural and agrarian history
  • Historical anthropology
  • Legal history

Positions and memberships

  • 2013 -2015 Editorial board for the publishing of edited historical sources (Secretary of the board), Institute for Recent History of Serbia, Belgrade
  • 2016 Editorial board of the journal Tokovi istorije, Institute for Recent History of Serbia, Belgrade

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