Kolloquium des Imre Kertész Kollegs // Sommersemester 2017

Das wöchentliche Forschungskolloquium dient dem regelmäßigen wissenschaftlichen Gespräch über die Forschungsprojekte der Fellows und aktuelle Arbeiten aus den Projektschwerpunkten. Neben Fellows, Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern, lädt das Kolleg regelmäßig externe Gäste ein.

Montags von 11 bis 13 Uhr: Am Planetarium 7, Seminarraum

3 April 2017

Kornelia Kończal: Reconstruction through Plunder: Post-German Property in East Central Europe after the Second World War

10 April 2017

Iwona Guść:  Children's wartime diaries in post-Stalinist Poland: reception and publication history with a transnational dimension.

17 April 2017

Easter Mondayno seminar

24 April 2017

Joachim von Puttkamer: The "Museum of the Second World War" in Gdańsk

1 May 2017

Labour Day: no seminar 

8 May 2017

James Ryan
: Violence, Ideology, and Identity: Terror and Purges in Inter-war Soviet Russia

15 May 2017

Spiros Tsoutsoumpis: Organised crime and paramilitarism during the Long Balkan Wars (1904-1949)

22 May 2017

Eva-Clarita PettaiTransitional justice in the Baltic states and beyond

29 May 2017

Alexander Watson: The origins of 'total war' in the east and the siege of Przemysl in 1914-15

5 June 2017

Whit Monday: no seminar  

8- 9 June 2017
Annual Conference: Eastern Europe Facing the Shoah - A History of Engagement, 1941-2016

19 June 2017

Srđan MiloševićWar Criminals or National Martyrs: memory politics and law in Serbia and Croatia (end of XX and beginning of XXI century) 

26 June 2017

Agnieszka Mrozik: Communism as a Generational Herstory: Reading Post-Stalinist Auto/Biographies of Polish Communist Women and Beyond

3 July 2017

György Majtényi: Poverty Under Socialism. The poor's hidden daily lives and the public discourses of power in Hungary in the Kádár era

18 September 2017

Monica CiobanuRomanian Stalinism (1944-1964): Memory and the Construction of National Narrative

25 September 2017

Krzysztof Persak: Post-communist transitional justice in Poland