Seminar of the Imre Kertész Kolleg Jena // Winter term 2016/2017

The weekly research seminar supports discussion of the fellows´ research projects and other projects in the Kolleg´s main research areas. In addition to fellows and research staff members, the Kolleg regularly invites external guests to participate in these seminars.

On Mondays from 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.: Am Planetarium 7, seminar room

5 September 2016
Ana Kladnik: The Persistence of Voluntary Associations in Local Communities: The History of Volunteer Fire Departments in Southeast Europe, 1860s-1990s

12 September 2016
Piotr Majewski: Collaboration in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia: Forms, Actors, and Motivations

19 September 2016
Agnieszka Koscianska: The History of Sexuality in Socialist and Post-Socialist Poland: In Search of an Alternative Narrative

26 September 2016
Anna Machczewicz: Between the lines. Prisoners` writings as a mirror of everyday reality and strategies of surviving in a cell of a Stalinist prison

03 October
German Unity Day: no seminar

10 October
Volha Bartash: Survival as a daily routine: Roma in the German-occupied Belarusian-Lithuanian border region, 1941-1944

17 October
Aaron Law: A Europe to die for: Polish Prometheism, anti-Russian institutions, and ideas for the liberation of East-Central Europe

24 October
Joachim von Puttkamer: The Politics of Violence in Late Socialist Poland

31 October
Reformation Day: no seminar

07 November 2016
Agáta Šústová Drelová: National Culture and the Catholic Church in Late Socialist Slovakia

14 November 2016

Petr Roubal: Planning Prague 1968 - 1989: Expert knowledge and late-socialist governance

21 November 2016

The 48th Annual ASEEES Convention Washington: no seminar

28 November 2016
Plenum discussion: Volume Fogu, Claudio, Kansteiner, Wulf, and Presner, Todd (eds.), Probing the Ethics of Holocaust Culture (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2016

5 December 2016
Jochen Boehler/Immo Rebitschek: The Waffen-SS. A European History

12 December 2016

Michal Kopeček: From Scientific Social Management to Neoliberal Governmentality. Czechoslovak Sociology and Social Research between Authoritarianism and Liberal Democracy 1970s-1990s

9 January 2017

Immo Rebitschek: 'Fortune did not favour me'. Pavlo Skoropads'kyj and the aftermath of the empire (1873-1945)

16 January 2017

Angelique Leszczawski-Schwerk: Women in the Trenches: Between Heroisation and Oblivion. First World War and ist Afthermath in Galicia

23 January 2017

Agnieszka Nieradko: The Rabbinical Commission for Jewish Graves in Poland: Work, Challenges and Problems

30 January 2017

Raphael Utz: Speaking about the Shoah: Terminology and the Problem of Perspective (Book Presentation "Sites of the Shoah in Poland") 

6 February 2017

Petra Gümplová: Rights to natural resources and human rights: An east central European perspective

13 February 2017

Maciej Górny: The enemy of my enemy is my future enemy. Loyalties on the Eastern Front, 1916-17

20 February 2017

Kate Brown: A Manual for Disaster: Chernobyl and Surviving the Anthropocene

27 February 2017

David Feest:  A Question of Trust. The Baltic German Banker Klaus Scheel and the Estonian Republic, 1918-1939

6 March 2017

Caroline Mezger: Forging Germans: Youth as Agents of German Nation-Building in Southeastern Europe, 1918-1944

13 March 2017

Łukasz Mieszkowski: I sowed dragons and I cropped lice. Civilisation, sanitary and epidemiological crisis in Poland 1918-1921

20 March 2017

Pavel Kolář: Post-Stalinism: Ideology and Utopia of an Epoch (Book Presentation)