Dr Ivan Landa

Curriculum Vitae

Ivan Landa received his PhD in Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, in Prague, where he completed his dissertation on Method and Subjectivity in Hegel's Science of Logic in 2010. From 2006 until 2014 he held different teaching appointments at Technical University in Liberec, University of Pardubice, and Charles University in Prague. Since 2009, he worked as a researcher at the Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences. In 2013, he became a member of the Department for the Study of Modern Czech Philosophy, where he is working mainly on the history of East Central European Marxist philosophy and on continuities and discontinuities between Marxist and dissident thought. He is interested in contemporary debates within the philosophy of action, social ontology, and philosophical anthropology.

Research project at the Kolleg

The project focuses on "phenomenological Marxism" in East Central Europe after 1945, and in particular, in former Czechoslovakia where phenomenology established a common ground between Marxists, non-Marxists and later for dissidents. It examines the theoretical and practical motivations underlying the many attempts to combine Marxism with phenomenology and further examines the effects such change had on both currents of thought. It explores the conceptions and argumentative strategies employed by different thinkers and addresses the question of how a merger of such diverse intellectual phenomena modified their thematic focus and methodological approaches (above all, how did it stimulate the Marxist analysis of the "real existing socialism"). Special attention is paid to the interrelated topoi - namely, to that of life-world and technology - and to the way in which these topoi were addressed by the Czech philosopher Karel Kosík.

Main Areas of Research

  • German Idealism
  • Marx and History of Marxism in East Central Europe
  • Philosophical Anthropology
  • Social Ontology
  • Philosophy of Religion

Positions and Memberships

  • 2013 to present: Head of the Department for the Study of Modern Czech Philosophy
  • 2015 to present: Member of the Editorial Board, Publishing House FILOSOFIA
  • Since 2016: Member of the Editorial Board, Filosofický časopis (The Philosophical Journal)