Seminar of the Imre Kertész Kolleg Jena // Summer term 2016

The weekly research seminar supports discussion of the fellows´ research projects and other projects in the Kolleg´s main research areas. In addition to fellows and research staff members, the Kolleg regularly invites external guests to participate in these seminars.

On Mondays from 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.: Am Planetarium 7, seminar room

4 April 2016

Matthias Stadelmann: Transnationality and ukrainicity. Remarks about the cultural construction of Soviet Ukraine

11 April 2016

Ana Dević: Powerlessness, Discontent and Identity in Late Socialist Yugoslavia, or On Nationalist Amnesias

18 April 2016

James Ward: The People's Property: Modern Expropriation as a Voyage on the Danube

25 April 2016

Agata Abramowicz and Andrzej Hoja: "An exhibition as The Open Work - new permanent display in Gdynia City Museum"

2 May 2016

Danilo Šarenac: Social banditry. Methodological Problems

9 May 2016

Jan Plamper: The New Germans: An Optimistic History of Migration

16 May 2016

Whit Monday: no seminar 

23 May 2016 

Ivan Landa: Marxism, Phenomenology, and the Question of Technology. Karel Kosík's Critique of Technological Reason

30 May 2016

Robert Takács: Hungary and the West. East-West Cultural Transfers during the Cold War

6 June 2016

Jane Lezina: The Ukrainian Lustration Laws in Context of Transitional Justice Processes in Post-Communist Europe

13 June 2016

Emily R. Gioielli: Home Front, Commune, Horthyland: Women, Gender and Political Violence during Hungary's Long World War I

20 June 2016

Daniela Koleva: The Exodus of the Bulgarian Jews (1948-49) and its Aftermath: Transnational and Transgenerational Remembering

27 June 2016

ASEEES-MAG Summer Convention: kein Kolloquium

4 July 2016

Kamil Kijek: The Last Polish Shtetl in the German Space? Dzierżoniów/Reichenbach in the years 1945-1950 and the Jewish World after the Holocaust.

11 July 2016

Katharina Lenski: The figure of ASOZIAL. The making of an underclass as a part of "Normalisation" in state socialism