Professor Alexei Miller

Curriculum Vitae

Doctor of Science (Habilitation) in History – Russian State University for Humanities, Moscow, 2000. Dissertation: The Ukrainian Question in the Politics of Imperial Authorities and in Russian Public Opinion, 1850-1880s
Candidate of Science (History) – Institute for Slavic and Balkan Studies, 1986. Dissertation: Ideology and Politics of Polish Conservatives in the Habsburg Monarchy in 1860s - 1870s
MA - Moscow State University, Department of History, 1976-1981

Research project at the Kolleg

Memory Politics in Russia in the Context of the Ukrainian Crisis

The project explores what has changed in Russian politics of memory since 2014. It looks at changes in institutional infrastructure, in roles of expert communities and commemorative strategies, as well as discoursive shifts. It also analyzes the strengthening of political control over discussions about the past. It aims to show that prior to 2014, Russian memory politics was mostly reactive vis-à-vis the memory politics of her neighbours. It further looks at what became the main changes in Russian politics of memory in the context of crisis - including the changing narratives in Russian-Ukrainian and Russian-German historical relations.

Main areas of research

  • Politics of memory

  • Comparative history of empires

  • Russian history (19-20th century)

  • History of concepts

Positions and memberships

  • Professor, European University, St-Petersburg (since 2014)

  • Recurrent visiting professor, Central European University (Budapest), Department of History (half-time, since 1993)