Datum: 26. Juni 2017
Zeit: 11 Uhr - 13 Uhr c.t.
Ort: Am Planetarium 7, Seminarraum

Agnieszka Mrozik
: Communism as a Generational Herstory: Reading Post-Stalinist Auto/Biographies of Polish Communist Women and Beyond

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NEW PUBLICATION: Curtain of Lies: The Battle over Truth in Stalinist Eastern Europe

Melissa Feinberg

Oxford University Press, 2017
256 Pages
ISBN: 9780190644611
Price: £47.99

While the Cold War governments of Eastern Europe operated within the confines of the Soviet worldview, their peoples confronted the narratives of both East and West. From the Soviet Union and its satellites, they heard of a West dominated by imperialist warmongers and of the glorious future only Communism could bring. A competing discourse emanated from the West, claiming that Eastern Europe was a totalitarian land of captive slaves, powerless in the face of Soviet aggression.

In Curtain of Lies, Melissa Feinberg conducts a timely examination into the nature of truth, using the political culture of Eastern Europe during the Cold War as her foundation. Focusing on the period between 1948 and 1956, she looks at how the "truth" of Eastern Europe was delineated by actors on both sides of the Iron Curtain. Feinberg offers a fresh interpretation of the Cold War as a shared political environment, exploring the ways in which ordinary East Europeans interacted with these competing understandings of their homeland. She approaches this by looking at the relationship between the American-sponsored radio stations broadcast across the Iron Curtain and the East European émigrés they interviewed as sources on life under Communism. Feinberg's careful analysis reveals that these parties developed mutually reinforced assumptions about the meaning of Communism, helping to create the evidentiary foundation for totalitarian interpretations of Communist rule in Eastern Europe. In bridging the geopolitical and the individual, Curtain of Lies provides a perspective that is both innovative in its methodology and indispensable to its field.

NEW PUBLICATION: Children of Modernism: The Consciosness, Culture and Political Socialization of Jewish Youth in the Second Polish Republic

Kamil Kijek

Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego, Wrocław 2017
464 pages
ISBN: 978-83-229-3525-5
Price: 45 PLN

A central focus of the book is the political consciousness of the generation of Jewish youth that came of age in the 1930s. Its author addresses the question of what influence growing up in an independent Polish state had on the last generation of Polish Jews prior to the Holocaust. The book tracks differences in the socialization and political consciousness of young Jews of various backgrounds, from milieus of traditional merchants and artisans, the working class, orthodox elites to the bourgeoisie. Its subject is the participation of young people in the most important Jewish and non-Jewish political parties and youth organizations active in interwar Poland. The author attempts to answer the question of what impact the peak development of radical ideology in the 1930s, the so-called “Radical modernism”, had on the consciousness and political attitudes of Jewish youth.

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