Seminar of the Imre Kertész Kolleg Jena // Summer term 2015

The weekly research seminar supports discussion of the fellows´ research projects and other projects in the Kolleg´s main research areas. In addition to fellows and research staff members, the Kolleg regularly invites external guests to participate in these seminars.
On Mondays from 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.: Am Planetarium 7, seminar room

6 April 2015

Easter Monday 

13 April 2015

Frank Henschel: Magyarization and Multilingual Urban Life in Kassa/Kosice/Kaschau 1867-1918

20 April 2015

Claire Nolte: Praga/Prag/Praha: Redefining the Public Space in an Era of Modern Cities 

27 April 2015

no seminar

4 May 2015

Mate Nikola Tokić: Diaspora Terrorism: Cold War Era Croatian Separatism and Anti-Communism

11 May 2015

Adam Hudek: Between Czechs and Hungarians: Creating the Concept of Slovak "National Communism"

18 May 2015
Jochen Böhler: Greater War's Finale. Europe's 'Wild East', 1918-1921

Due to illness the planned seminar has been cancelled. 

25 May 2015

Whit Monday

1 June 2015

Maciej Czerwinski: Images of World War Two in the Croatian an Serbian Literature and Popular Historiography from 1945 to the Present. Trends, Modifications, (Re)interpretations

8 June 2015
Stefano Bottoni: Talking to the System: Collaboration and Political Lobbying in Ceausescu´s Romania. The Case of Imre Mikó

15 June 2015

no seminar 

22 June 2015
Jochen Böhler: Greater War's Finale. Europe's 'Wild East', 1918-1921

29 June 2015

Bogdan Murgescu/Jerzy Łazor: Challenges of modernity. Tackling the development record of Central and Eastern Europe in the long 20th century 

6 July 2015
Włodzimierz Borodziej /Dragoș Petrescu: Violence under State Socialism

13 July 2015

Alexei Miller: Russian Politics of Memory in the Context of the Ukrainian Crisis