Adrianna Jakóbczyk

Curriculum Vitae

Adrianna Jakóbczyk has been a doctoral candidate in literary studies in the Faculty of Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw since 2010. She hold two Master's degrees - in Polish Philology (2010) and Cultural Studies (2013), both awarded by the University of Warsaw. She also graduated a Postgraduate Course Program "Teaching Polish as a Foreign Language" (2013) in "Polonicum", the Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners at the University of Warsaw. She received scholarships from The Minister of Science and Higher Education in Poland and from the German Academic Exchange Service.

Research project at the Kolleg

We - they, western neighbours. The image of Germans in the Polish narrative prose 1945-1989

The goal of my dissertation is to reveal the impact of affective reactions of Poles (weaker subject) on the manner of presenting the image of Germans (stronger subject), and secondary rationalizations of these reactions by suitable modification of the stereotype of Germans and account of Polish-German relations and shared history. Polish national narrative adapted the image of Germans to its needs and firmly determined its boundaries, thereby reducing the possibility of its evolution and inscribing it in the Polish story of martyrdom. In turn, narrative of the socialist era profiled the image of Germans ideologically, ignoring inconvenient aspects and promoting desired ones. Therefore the literary image and the stereotype of Germans in Poland require careful deconstruction and exposing psychological and social mechanisms that co-created them on par with the actual events.

Main areas of research

  • Polish post-war narrative prose
  • Polish-German relations
  • Stereotypes, self-stereotypes