Seminar of the Imre Kertész Kolleg Jena // Winter term 2014/2015

The weekly research seminar supports discussion of the fellows´ research projects and other projects in the Kolleg´s main research areas. In addition to fellows and research staff members, the Kolleg regularly invites external guests to participate in these seminars. 
On Mondays from 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.: Am Planetarium 7, seminar room

15 September 2014

Visit to the exhibitions at the German Historical Museum and at the Museum in the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin

22 September 2014

Flavius Solomon: Krieg und politische Radikalisierung. Die rumänische Sozialdemokratie 1913-1918

29 September 2014

Jana Fuchs: Forgotten Terrain? The 'Non-Reconstruction' of Theatre Square and Pilsudski Square in Warsaw after 1945 between Urban Planning and Remembrance

6 October 2014 

Sándor Horváth: The Face of the Agent: Denunciation as Political Participation in Hungary, 1944-1989 

13 October 2014

Peter Haslinger: Mastering national spaces: The role of Polish, Hungarian, and Czechoslovak experts 1914 - 1939

27 October 2014

Piotr Osęka: The Career Patterns of the Security Service in Poland 1944-1989. Key issues

3.-4. November: Conference Alternative Encounters: The "Second World" and the "Global South" 1945-1991

The conference takes place in the Rosensäle at the Friedrich Schiller University
No regular seminar

10 November 2014
Neil Stewart: The Journal Moderní revue and Prague Modernism

17 November 2014

Research Area War, Violence, and Oppression 

Joshua Sanborn: Imperial Apocalypse: The Great War and the Destruction of the Russian Empire

24 November 2014

Gábor Egry: Ironies of Ethnicity. Everyday Ethnicity, Loyalty and Nationality in Interwar Romania

1 December 2014

Milan Ristović: Civil War in Greece and its Communist Neighbours: The Beginning of the Cold War on the Balkans 1945-1950 and its Repercussions

8 December 2014

Marko Zajc: Slovenian Intellectuals and Yugoslavism in the 1980s. Concepts and Theses 

15 December 2014

Research Area Statehood

Edvin Pezo: Personalisierte Macht und institutionalisierte Herrschaft in Jugoslawien (1944-1966). Zu einem spannungsreichen Verhältnis unter der "Ära Ranković"

12 January 2015

Ivana Dobrivojević: Urbanization in Socialist Yugoslavia

19 January 2015

Research Area Challenges of Modernity

Stanislav Holubec: Challenges of Modernity: Concept of the Volume and the Chapter on Social Structure and Mobility

26 January 2015

Martin Müller-Butz: Good Poles, Bad Poles. Polishness, Otherness, and the End of Tsarist Russia in Polish Memoirs after 1917

2 February 2015

Research Area War, Violence, and Oppression 

Franziska Zaugg: "For you, my dear Albanians, this march is the way back home" - Recruitment Strategies of the Waffen-SS in Southeastern Europe 

9 February 2015

Paul Hanebrink: The Idea of Judeo-Bolshevism in Twentieth Century Europe.

16 February 2015

Juliane Tomann: Culture of History: How to analyze public representations of the past?

23 February 2015 

Claudia Kraft: Statehood in East Central Europe During State Socialism

2 March 2015 

Melissa Feinberg
: Be Very Afraid: Emotional Warfare and the Battle over Truth in Cold War East-Central Europe, 1948-1956

9 March 2015
Joachim von Puttkamer: 1989/90: The First Year of Democracy in Poland

16 March 2015

Ferenc Laczó: Articulating the Unprecedented. Early Hungarian Jewish Responses to the Holocaust

23 March 2015

Balázs Trencsényi: Crisis as Normality? Rethinking the History of Political Thought in 20th Century East Central Europe

30 March 2015

Tom Junes: Comparative Student Politics in the Soviet Bloc: Problems and Approaches Relating to Poland and Czechoslovakia