Dr Neil Stewart

Curriculum Vitae 

Neil Stewart, a fellow at the Imre Kertész Kolleg from April 2014 to March 2015, has been a lecturer at the Department of German, Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies at the University of Bonn since 2009. Before that, he worked as Assistant Professor at the Slavic Department in Bonn (2004-2009) and was a fellow at the Collegium Budapest in 2007. He completed his PhD. as member of a Graduiertenkolleg (Graduates' Workshop) on Classicism and Romanticism at the University of Giessen between 2000 and 2003, having previously studied Slavic Literatures and Languages, Comparative Literature and Eastern European History at the University of Bonn.

Research project at the Kolleg

The research project examines the monthly Moderní revue pro literaturu, umění a život [Modern Review for Literature, Art, and Life] that was published in Prague between 1894 and 1925 by the bank clerk Arnošt Procházka with the help of the post office worker Jiří Karásek. Czech literary historiography has traditionally tended to regard this journal as the mouthpiece of Decadence and assigned it no more than a marginal position on the lunatic fringe of Prague Modernism, while focusing its attention predominantly on texts and authors from the Realist mainstream. The present study, in contrast, examines the Review as a modern institution, analysing the major role it played in the internationalisation of Bohemian culture at the turn of the century. The journal did not, however, remain "modern" in the long run: during the 1920s, it defended utterly anachronistic aesthetic positions and politically ended up as an organ of the extreme Right with pronounced anti-German and anti-Semitic tendencies - a development that in many ways exemplifies the precarious nature of Modernism on the eve of Fascism and thus deserves particularly close scrutiny.

Main areas of research

  • Literary Modernisms in East Central Europe
  • Literary theory
  • Comparative literature

Positions and Memberships

  • Review Editor of the journal "arcadia"
  • Member of the Modern Language Association (MLA)
  • Member of the German Comparative Literature Association (DGAVL)
  • Member of the International Comparative Literature Association (ICLA)
  • Member of the German Association of Slavists