Dr Ivana Dobrivojević

Curriculum Vitae 

Ivana Dobrivojević is fellow at Imre Kertész Kolleg from November 2014 to the end of February 2015. She works as the research fellow at the Institute of Contemporary History, Belgrade, Serbia. (from 2002). She is the author of the books Village and City. The Transformation of Serbian Agrarian Society 1945 - 1955 (2013, published in Serbian ) and State Repression during the Dictatorship of King Alexandar 1929 - 1935 (2006, published in Serbian). She defended her doctoral thesis "Selo i grad. Transformacija agrarnog društva Srbije" on Belgrade University (2011). She was visiting fellow at Imre Kertész Kolleg Jena (2013), the Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS) in Regensburg (2012) and Institute for Southeast European history in Graz ( 2004, 2005, 2006). Her fields of interest include political and social history of interwar Yugoslavia, urbanization and modernization processes in socialist Yugoslavia and the life of ordinary people under communism. She currently works on the book Between Ideology and Pop Culture. The Life of Youth in Socialist Yugoslavia (1945 - 1965).

Research project at the Kolleg 

During my stay at Kolleg I will work on the chapter Urban and Rural Development in Eastern Europe (co-author Blazej Brzostek). This chapter is a part of the volume Challenges of Modernity. Central and Eastern Europe in the 20th Century. Although in the terms of urban and economical development clearly visible differences exsist within the region, similar trends and patterns are noticable. Thus, chapter will focus on the similarities and differences in urbanization / modernization trends and patterns in specific national experiences which varied from state to state due to the historical reasons and circumstances. Chapter will tackle the economic backwardness that in some extent hindered modernization and urbanization, agrarian problems and life in the countryside (state policy towards agriculture and rural comunities, subsistence agriculture, agrarian reforms and agrarian movements, changes in the family and domestic life, modernization of the agriculture and household) and urban development (rural - urban migrations, booming of the capital cities, (in)adequate infrastructure, housing, ruralization of towns due to the heavy influx of migrants, life in towns and capital cities, rural - urban interaction). The role of the state in the rural - urban development will be addressed as well.

Main areas of research

  • Repression and surveillance in interwar and socialist Yugoslavia
  • Modernization, urbanization and industrialization in socialist Yugoslavia
  • The life of youth in socialist Yugoslavia

Positions and memberships

  • Research fellow at the Institute of Contemporary History, Belgrade, Serbia
  • One of the editors of Historiana project, Euroclio, The Hague