Kolloquium des Imre Kertész Kollegs Jena // Sommersemester 2013

1. April 2013

8. April 2013

Lutz Niethammer/ Michal Kopecek: Dependant Totalitarianism? Introduction to a Lecture Series at the Imre Kertész Kolleg Jena

15. April 2013

Alexander Korb: Transformatory Orders. The making of norms and power after the suspension of traditional structures. A collaborative research project

22. April 2013

Dariusz Stola: Dependent Totalitarianism? Poland

29. April 2013

Edda Binder-Iijima: Europäische Integration im 19. Jahrhundert: die südosteuropäischen konstitutionellen Monarchien

6. Mai 2013

Christhardt Henschel: "All citizens are obligated for military service." Jews and the armed forces of the Second Polish Republic

13. Mai 2013

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20. Mai 2013


27. Mai 2013

Dušan Segeš: Cold War broadcasting to East-Central Europe: Radio Free Europe and the B.B.C. in the 1950s and 1960s

3. Juni 2013

István Rév: Dependent Totalitarianism? Hungary

10. Juni 2013

Stefano Bottoni: "From mass terror to selective violence? State security practices in Ceaușescu's Romania"

17. Juni 2013

Miloš Havelka: Dependent Totalitarianism? Czech Republic

24. Juni 2013

Ilse Lazaroms: "Revolutions of Thought and Sensibility": Hungarian Jewry in the Years of Rupture, 1914-1923

1. Juli 2013

Jürgen Heyde: Narratives of action. Anti-Semitic Publications and the anti-Semitic “in-group” in Poland 1880-1939

8. Juli 2013

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15. Juli 2013

Anna Wylegała: The social anthropology of filling the void: Poland and Ukraine after World War II

23. September 2013
Bogdan Iacob: Product of Appropriation: A Comparative Analysis of Southeastern European Studies under Communism in Romania (1963-1989)

30. September 2013
Zdenĕk Nebřensky: Alternative Representations of Order in the 1960s and Everyday Preconditions of Student Unrest in East-West Comparison