Seminar of the Imre Kertész Kollegs Jena // Winter term 2012/2013

24 September 2012

Cornel Micu: Peculiarities of Urbanisation in Communist Societies: Romania and Bulgaria in Comparison

1 October 2012

Dietmar Müller: Landed Property and Nation, 1918 - 1948. A Romanian Case Study with Comparative East Central European Aspects

8 October 2012

No Colloqium

15 October 2012

Béla Tomka: The welfare state at critical junctures: Shifting determinants of social policy in 20th century Hungary

22 October 2012

Jolanta Mickute: Modern, Jewish, and Female: The Politics of Culture, Ethnicity, and Sexuality in Interwar Poland 1918-1939

29 October 2012

Victor Neumann: Is Rewriting Romanian History Useful? The Evolution of Socio-Political Concepts and Alternative Interpretations

5 November 2012

James Mark/ Péter Apor: Socialism Goes Global: The Shaping of a New Transnational Culture in Hungary 1956-75

12 November 2012

Zsombor Bódy: The treatment of the "social question" in Hungary at the intersection of nationalization and transnationalization 1880-1940

19 November 2012

Jurek Kochanowski: Ausländische Einwohner im Warschau Bieruts (1945 - 1956)

26 November 2012

Włodzimierz Borodziej: Paper on WWI

3 Dezember 2012

Viorel Achim: The German Minority in Romania between the ethnopolitical Projects of the Government in Bucharest and the political interests of the Reich, 1940-1944

10 Dezember 2012

Robert Gerwarth: Europe's Long Twentieth-Century: Towards a New Macrohistory of Violence

winter break 17.12.2012 - 7.1.2013

14 January 2013

Theodore R. Weeks: Vilna - Wilno - Wilnius. History of a Multicultural City, 1795-2000

21 January 2013
Research Area History and the Public Sphere

Axel Doßmann: Dokumente zeigen, befragen, kontrastieren: Zum Konzept einer digitalen Lehr- und Lernwerkstatt zur NS-Zwangsarbeit

28 January 2013

4 February 2013

Ana Luleva: Coming to terms with the communist past. Culture of remembrance in Bulgaria

11 February 2013
Research Area Intellectual Horizons
Ferenc Laczó: Jenő Lévai and Early Hungarian Historiography of the Holocaust

18 February 2013

Lidia Jurek: The memory of the Gulag in Eastern Europe: Tabooisation, Recuperation, Europeanization

25 February 2013

Michal Kopeček: The 'Legacy of Dissidence'. Memory Politics and the Intellectual Origins of Post-Socialism in East Central Europe

4 March 2013
No Colloquium

11 March 2013

Sabine Rutar: Labor and Survival in Yugoslavia. Regional Mining Societies under National Socialist Occupation (1941-1944/45)

18 March 2013

Stanislav Holubec: Post-communist narratives. Picturing the national past and neighboring world in the discourse of Czech media 1990 - 1997

25 March 2013
Constantin Iordachi: "Jewish Question" in Romania, 1866-1945: Comparative Perspectives