Prof. Dr. James Mark


Monographien/ Sammelbände

The Unfinished Revolution: Making Sense of the Communist Past in central-eastern Europe, Yale 2010.
Zus. mit R. Gildea (Hrsg.): Voices of Europe's '68. Special Issue of Cultural and Social History, 2011.
Zus mit. R. Gildea/ A. Warring: Europe's 1968: Voices of Revolt,Oxford 2012.
zus. mit P. Apor: Che in Budapest: Global Revolution in the Socialist Bloc (in Vorbereitung).

Aufsätze (Auswahl)

'Remembering Rape: Divided Social Memory and the Red Army in Hungary 1944-5', Past and Present 188 (2005).
Zus. mit Robert Gildea/ Niek Pas: 'European Radicals and the "Third World": imagined solidarities and radical networks 1958-73', Cultural and Social History 8/4 (2011).
'Containing Fascism: History in Post-Communist Baltic Genocide and Occupation Museums', in: Oksana Sarsikova and Péter Apor (Hrsg.): Past for the Eyes, Budapest 2008.
Zus. mit Péter Apor: 'Mobilizing Generation: The Idea of 1968 in Hungary', in: Anna von der Goltz (Hrsg.): Talkin' About My Generation, Göttingen 2011.
'Discrimination, opportunity and middle-class success in early Communist Hungary', Historical Journal 48/2 (2005).
'What Remains? Anti-Communism, Forensic Archaeology and the Re-telling of the National Past in Romania and Lithuania', Past and Present 206 (2010).

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