Publications of the Imre Kertész Kolleg Jena

© Louisa Reichstetter, 2011

The Kolleg´s publications have been published by Oldenbourg - de Gruyter since 2012. The monograph series comprises books on the contemporary history of Eastern Europe by scholars connected connected with the Kolleg. The series includes works by fellows and the proceedings of the main conferences and workshops organized by the Kolleg.
The planned four-volume history of Eastern Europe in the twentieth century has a special format. It will be a collaborative effort between the Kolleg´s research staff, visiting fellows, and other specialists who have been invited to contribute to this extensive book project on the Kolleg´s major research areas. The objective is not to produce a traditional handbook that merely summarizes and documents the present state of research, but rather to develop a synthesis that concentrates on some fundamental lines of development in the region under consideration, while not losing sight of the significant differences and asynchronicities between the individual sub-regions and countries.
With its online portal dedicated to matters of historical culture, the Kolleg is also developing a dynamic and interactive platform that addresses researchers and people working in and with institutions of historical culture such as historical museums, memorials, archives and NGOs. The Cultures of History Forum is the first component of this portal. Here current historical debates in Eastern European countries are contextualized and explained in introductory articles. Via links, readers can also access central contributions to these debates - often in English translation - which serve as a basis for further individual research.